The MegaMart concept was to bring the North American big box shopping experience to Jamaican shores, and was the brain child of Gassan Azan Jr.

The first MegaMart was opened in St Catherine, Jamaica in December of 1999. This was the first store of its kind not only in Jamaica, but across the region. Situated on 75000 square feet, and built on three and a half acres of land in Bridgeport, Portmore.

A Kingston store was soon to follow, and in December 2003, the waterloo store was opened, featuring 70,000 square feet at 29 Upper Waterloo Road. There was no turning back, and in 4 years the largest store to date was built in Montego Bay, on 100,000 square feet in Catherine Hall.

Manchester was next and in January of 2013 the latest MegaMart location was built at Lot 2 Bloomfield Mandeville, boasting 80,000 square feet.

The company was the first of its kind in Jamaica and the Caribbean to operate as a membership club. The concept was welcomed and many Jamaicans wasted no time in joining the club.

You no longer have to be a member just to shop at MegaMart, but there is an exciting rewards program in place. MegaMart has the best value by far, and Membership Matters.